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We have taken great pride in enriching our client’s home life and work environments providing custom renovations to suit every need, lifestyle and occupation. If it’s that custom Kitchen you’ve been fantasizing about – we’ll attend to your every need and idea to make you that aspiring gourmet chef. Or if it’s that luxurious bathroom you’ve desired to help sooth away daily stresses, we’ll make that a reality too.

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let us work with you every step of the way with the quality, superior craftsmanship and the highest customer satisfaction you’d expect and more.

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Hardwood flooring, carpeting, tiling, electrical, plumbing, painting, fireplaces, cabinetry installation, masonry, Drywall, Insulation, Rough and finish carpentry, siding, roofing, Windows doors and many others types of projects!


Classic Touch Interior Renovations will furnish references. We believe in absolute trust and you must feel confident with our solid experience and professional expertise. Renovating your space is a process which demands the best people for the right job!
I was put in touch with Chris from Classic Touch for the first time in 2010 in order to get a quote for some major renovations, including the removal of a weight-bearing wall, kitchen and bathroom renovation, hardwood and washer/dryer and potlight installation--Not too mention the conversion of a couple of little windows into a set of exterior doors that opened onto a second floor deck that did not yet exist! Chris was the promptest with returning the quote and offered by far the best prices. As we worked together, it became clear that he had his eye on every part of the project as it progressed and that he cared deeply about every detail. Unlike many other contractors, he was there for the bulk of the job, finished it on time and ON BUDGET!! Amazing! And a quality job!! Its now 2 years on, and I've brought him in for yet another major renovation--any time there have been any minor issues with any of the work, he has arrived on my doorstep to fix it promptly and effectively. Fine work!

Our job was a big one. Basement/bathroom reno, complete kitchen reno with structural changes, exterior porch and pathway (including landscaping) and decorating. Chris and his team can do it all and do it well. Their quotes are accurate in both time and money. They are very easy to deal with, they were a real partner in helping us make design/structural choices, and they were always available to take our call. When something goes wrong, Chris is there fixing it immediately, so fusss, no charge. This is a contractor who will be with us forever. Chris and his business partner Marcelle (his wife) provide such excellent customer service, have access to wonderful tradesmen, complete such great work and all at a reasonable price. We have recommended Chris to many friends and family who all agree that Classic Touch is indeed an exceptional company to work with.

Hey Chris and Marcelle – it has been a while since the reno now and I thought I would drop a line to let you know how happy I am with the work done. I was hoping we could have our BBQ and I express my thanks in person. We all kind of ran out of summer on that one.  Glad to hear the family is doing well though. You had asked back in May if you could use me as a reference, and I would be happy to be one, but I thought I would fill you in as a bit of a testimonial. At least until we get a chance to meet in person again.  So here is what is like living in the house after the reno. Difficult to compare it to before because we started so quickly after I got possession, but I can compare it to what I would have wanted compared to the 8 other homes I have owned, each of which had some form of reno. This is a smaller space than many I have had – price you pay to live in this part of the city. A “fixer upper” for sure that required some vision. It was very helpful to have Chris help with that – now there is someone that can visualize what a space can be and then make it so. It is very hard to put into a few words how much I appreciate what you have done and why. Mostly it is about the amazing ability you showed to help me stretch the budget to create the best possible space and overcome the challenges of the space and issues that came up. It is also about how easy you are to work with. You wanted it to be my space, my vision but always knew how to make it better. You create beautiful spaces that function well.  It went from a space I would not have invited anyone to into a place where we gather regularly and I am happy to have people visit much more quickly than I hoped. I am pretty sure I was a difficult customer to work with. I would never know it from the way Chris and everyone dealt with me, but I know I put up a ton of challenges, wanted to do stuff myself to “help” keep the cost down  etc. Not the easiest situation for a contractor for sure. Plus, your team is the most amazing group of guys! It might be different for people who can leave and have the house done, but to actually live upstairs while the whole of the main floor and basement was ripped apart and redone and electrical and plumbing had to be done upstairs is a different experience. Amazing respect for us, pet issues etc, tons of stuff in the way all the time. Your team is not only good, they are nice. I enjoyed them all. They managed around us living here so well and are just such nice people – they shared their pizza and pop on days I was around. For prospective clients, imagine someone asks you to do major structural and design changes to a place while they are living there, with all their stuff to move around, 2 cats, 2 dogs and 2 people and the people have very particular things they want that are incredibly difficult to achieve and a tight budget. Yup – that was us. And that was Chris and team – and they delivered in spades with all the changing of design and difficulties of a very old house with lots of awful surprises in the walls and floors. Patience, creativity and really nice people made it all both do-able and better than imagined. The kitchen – heart of my home and I love it. What an awful space to start with, and what a beautiful and functional space it is. We have all kinds of other spaces in the house and yet here we are always. Hope you like the colour I painted it. The counter – I so appreciate the effort to find me the counter top and it looks amazing. The layout – functions so well and is more than I would have designed. I was able to find that perfect fridge for the space you left at my request, it fits perfectly. I appreciate the stuff that you left for me – the backsplash is not as perfect as you would have done, but I like it a lot and the ability you left me to do more with stretching the budget helped me make it just what I wanted and feel like I got to be part of it. The cabinets are perfect and fun – the lighting and electrical is perfect. Little things like the curve on the island and the plug there so computers are available – we have eaten many family meals right here on the island with 4 people no problem. The moldings – wow – they are so amazing. I can’t still believe how you were able to re-create the original moldings from the rest of the house in the areas where they had been taken out and where you were creating whole new spaces. It looks like somehow the house was just built this way. Even around brand new patio doors that function so much better than the old ones.  The higher ceilings, the sound insulation, you put function and beauty into to same space. The door mouldings are amazing. The floors – what can I say – the misery of an old house with wavy floors in both directions, my choice of a big format tile and desire for a heated floor front to back. I really appreciate that you were so patient and capable to incorporate my vision and “wants”. The heated floors are simply amazing. Now that the nights are cooler we have them on and it is great. Getting level floors in an old house is a challenge and these are so perfect and wonderful to both walk up the stairs to or down for Elizabeth. The pets love it too. The stove – I always wanted a gas stove. You made it so easy and I love it. I would not have had it if you had not just said “yes, of course we can do that” a lot and also pointed out the Ikea sale to take advantage of. We have great meals here. The office nook – it works so well – I can’t thank you enough for the design on this – it is warm, cozy and the whole thing functions well and is pretty as well!. You should really come by and see it now that furniture is in it. The beam – central to the whole design was taking out that wall. Two beams where we first thought there would be one. Messing with the basement that posed whole new challenges. Always Chris, you were there with a solution. The basement – my bedroom and bathroom were huge challenges. Add to that a new beam the engineer needed. Then me and my heated floors again. Then fixing what I messed up trying to do something myself.  I love the design for the shower, bath and walk-in closet.(See pics – who has a closet like this! 4x 4’ bars plus 2 x towers for storage) The parts I did myself are less than perfect, but okay by me and the space is very functional and live-able. My son comes here to work out at times and uses the shower – he raves on it. Who would have know the work required to design it so well. It is a pretty and comfortable space. I know this is long and I could go on quite a bit longer. I am so impressed with what you did. As we discussed, I am not a person with unlimited funds to spend. It was a stretch for me to afford this reno, but I am very happy with the value that you delivered. It is pretty cool to live in such a nice space. We are so very happy here and I don’t feel like anyone else could have delivered this.  We love it and the quality of the work makes me so comfortable that we are safe and sound with all the structural work done. I really appreciate everything – the work is the highest quality, in a difficult house to work in. No short cuts, the very best people ( you can’t imagine how nice they really are and honestly they sing sometimes while they work! Marcos always so attentive and Marcelo is a perfectionist- a true craftsman and such a nice guy) I just wanted to say Thank You. I live in an amazing place. Everyone loves it and it is a family place that we all gather at and just love. We have so many people remark on the great space. I would love you to come by and see the space now that it is unpacked. I live messy, but you can easily see what a wonderful space you created to live it. Besides, I think Marcelle and the kids should come by to see what great work is done. Even if it is too late in the season for a BBQ! Thanks again Chris – let me know if and when you have time for little project stuff like fitting an antique front door into the house and designing dining room doors from the glass I have etc. If not, there is year 3 – upstairs yet to plan for if you are up to it!